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Monday, February 11, 2013

birthday boy.

h a p p y  b i r t h d a y 

dear crewser:
 i can't believe you are 20. 
you are growing up way to fast, which is perfectly fine for you.
but, for me, it makes me feel old. 
{so please, stop it. or simply slow down.}
you are in another country, which makes it impossible 
for us to celebrate your big day together.

however, let's pretend you lived next door. 
this is how it would go:
1. we'd start the day off with a big chai frappuccino- your favorite.
2. we'd walk home laughing about who knows what- 
because we always laugh about anything and everything when we are together.
or rather, you are always making me laugh. 
3. we'd come home to find midge patiently waiting for us,
 with a pile of presents for you-
because we all know that she loves you the most.
{or at least she does on your birthday.}
4. you'd open your gifts which would include, all things utah and sport oriented,
 a new pair of converse and a rubik's cube.
{or at least those would be the gifts last year's crew would get.}
this year, midge is sending you a few new white shirts, new socks, 
books on the gospel, and giving you money to treat yourself to a new suit.
5. dad would be begging to spend every second with you-
whether that meant sitting on the couch or playing a round of golf.
we all know he loves you too much.
you are his favorite child, no matter what the day is.
6. we'd spend the day doing something fun, crazy and adventurous-
because with you, there is never a dole moment in life. 
7. you'd pick your favorite restaurant to go to for dinner. 
if your taste buds haven't matured too, i'm guessing you'd pick
pizza limone, crown burger or cafe rio.
the brothers would of course make fun of your selection 
in what they'd consider a 'crapy' restaurant.
8. we'd race home for a delicious dessert; probably a big slice of chocolate cake.
not forgetting a big scoop of ice cream.
9. the day would be over just like that;
you'd be 20 and i'd be wishing we could stay this young forever.
10. we'd all go to bed thankful that you are 
the caboose and 'accident' of the family.
because, let's face it crew, you are everyone's favorite. 
then, you know me- i'd sneak into your room and lay on your bed and
"accidentally" fall asleep while we lay there talking about life. 

i'm so glad we are best friends.
even when you are thousands of miles away.
your birthday marks 20 years- 
and i'm hoping it is the happiest birthday you'll have.
and how can i forget that your birthday also means one more thing...
it means your one year mark 
is just around the corner.
i'm beyond excited for that day,
because that day will mark the beginning of my countdown 
to when i get to see you next. 
then, we won't have to do any pretending.
we will celebrate your two birthdays, the two christmas' and all the holidays 
in between that you missed-  the minute you get home.
you may even get a celebration dance from yours truly, 
the second you step off that escalator in the airport. 
actually, i'm guaranteeing a dance.
i'll be that excited. 
until then crew, happy birthday.
i miss and love you dearly. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

technology saved the day.

being away from both of our mother's was a bit hard yesterday.
we miss them both oh, so much.
my dear mother is in utah,
while lovebird's sweet mother is in heaven.
we're thankful for the remarkable mothers they were and continue to be. 
my mother being my everything- including my best friend
and lovebird's mom being his inspiration and maker of his personality...
is just the beginning to who they are to us. 
we are forever indebted to their sweet spirits.
they've showered us with kisses, hugs, advice, tears and support.
we love you, both. 
hope you enjoyed receiving flowers through the phone-
bet you didn't know we were that on top of it, did you?

mother's day meant something different this year:
crew's {aka: elder carlson} first mother's day on the mission!
we {finally} got to speak with him and see his handsome face!

due to the wonders of technology,
he was able to call home {via skype} to my family in utah.
they then called us {via the iPhone} so that we could use FaceTime to see him!
it was all so complicated.
viewing him through two screens was better than nothing.
quick update:
i'm forever grateful for his distinct laugh,
his devotion {and frustration} with the language,
the happiness that came radiating from his heart,
and his love for mexico, the gospel and the people around him

i hope you all had an awesome day spoiling your mother's with love yesterday.  
we sure did, even being miles and aeons away from them.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

miss you most of all today.

i am missing this little man today.
{okay he's not that little- he towers over me.}
but he is my little brother. 
he's already been gone a whole 11 days. 
missionary time goes extremely slow and quick all at the same time.
it's bizarre.
wanna know what else is bizarre?
my burning desire to move right now.
move far away, to a new place.
i'm not unhappy here. in fact, i love our little home.
but, i have this crazy want to move cities, states or even countries. 
i bug lovebird with my fantasizing every day.
that's probably because i am beginning to think my dreams 
of moving are going to come true.
lovebird just laughs.
he tells me i want too many things.
which, i do.
that comes with a "go-getter" personality. 
although it doesn't seem soon enough,
we are bound to move in the next year or two-
due to the next chapter in our lives. 
i suppose for now i'll keep dreaming.
alongside missing my little brother dearly. 
happy weekend to my lovely followers. 

just some ideas:
 a place like this down by the beach. {carmel, california.} 
or a little romantic apartment in beautiful italy.
or i would love to live in a little old fashioned city like this.
if i could convince lovebird, we'd live in a cottage
or i'd even be happy in an upbeat crammed studio in a big city.
i clearly just want to move. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

days spent missing

ever find yourself in a mood of missing things?
well, i do. frequently. 
maybe that's because i live away from "home". 
which means family, memories and friends are distant.

but i miss more than just that.
i miss cumin. my first dog. 
and while we are on the subject; i miss paco too.
i miss being a child; spending the day dreaming and playing.
i miss school. truly, i do.
i miss having a mother around 24/7.
i miss going on dates. i love being married more than anything
but, you know what i mean... 
deciding who pays for dinner, dressing up to impress, getting butterflies, and a curfew. 
i miss seeing my little primary kids every day of the week.
i miss new york. a lot. period. {i promise i'm coming back.} 
i miss my childhood cherry tree.
i miss having time in the day to read a book. 
i would kill to sit down for an hour just to read. 
i miss my daddy. his snuggles, his scent and his advice.
i miss cream of broccoli soup and red butte garden days with grandma. 
i miss having a piano in my home. 
i miss the days of not having to watch what i eat. where did you go?
i miss drinking iced chai teas.

and i miss a lot of little details that have made up my life.
this list could go on for quite sometime.
but, right now... i miss being lovebird's annoying wife 
who bugs him while he tries to do his homework.
i better get to it. after all, that is my job in life. right?
to bug lovebird too much that he finally gives up in studying
and cuddles with me instead. 

happy hump day friends.