Sunday, September 19, 2010


the post is by demand. brace yourselves.
i know you would all love it if i were to explain my love, passion and thrill 
about this dear painting of ours... but, i seem to be drawing a blank.
so instead, below are the testimonies of love from the ones who appreciate and worship this eagle.

this ugly  lovely piece of art hangs on one of the walls of our sweet home.
not by my choice... but rather by threat and command.
i was told i'd lose dear friendships if this painting didn't hang in plain view.
so... here you have it- a picture showing evidence of my true love for this art. 
did i mention it was a white elephant gift? it truly holds great value, right?

and let me get one thing straight- i am not denying the brilliance of an eagle-
and all that he stands for. i'm just not the happiest camper about hanging this particular piece. 
i mean come on guys... it's painted on three pieces of wood that our crookedly nailed together. 

"I know a lot of people have been wondering about the eagle painting. maybe post some pics of it hanging in your new home and write a short blurb about what the painting means to you." -Swamp

"I for one would appreciate a little piece of mind. i have actually lost sleep over the eagle." -Bill

"Never has a single piece of art had such a profound affect on my patriotism to our country. It would almost be, if I dare say, un-American if it does not currently grace the walls of your home. A picture of the art on the wall would be great to revive my spirits and my conviction of knowing I live in the land of the free. Thank you Elease." -Mills

"An eagle is characterized with speed, strength, power, majesty, boldness, dependability, courage, great vision, singleness of purpose, tenderness, faithfulness and ferocity. They are without a doubt the most regal creature in all the animalkingdom. Most birds just fly but eagles soar. And to top it all off they are monogamous. There is no greater standard of excellence to model your marriage after. I think the Eagle should take its rightful place in the center of your hearts, minds, and home. It should be placed above the mantel in your living room as a constant reminder of your potential to soar. Thank you Elease." -Ballsteen (stiche said that was your only nickname)

"Some say that the lion is the king of the jungle. While that may be true I attest that the king of all animals happens to be the majestic eagle. Why you might ask. The eagle isn't just any creature. while most creeping things are vulnerable, the eagle happens to be untouchable. It soars high in the sky and flaps it's powerful wings to the beat of its own drum. It cannot be challenged. It cannot be threatened. It is, without equivocation, the most dominant create on the face of the planet save the human race. It is even written in the words of the old testament, "they shall mount up with wings as eagles" Isa 40:31. One things is certain, if I receive excellent grades this semester it's not because I worked hard. It's because that eagle painting is hanging above me as I study each day. It is a constant reminder of excellence and courage. Thank you eagle for watching over me." -Lovebird

these are actual quotes. sincere to the core. 
lovebird has amazingly passionate friends.
and now surely there is proof to the eagle in our home.
i bet you are all thrilled that i finally got around to posting this.
we miss you all dearly.
come visit soon.
the eagle awaits your arrival.


  1. Zach is going to love this...can't wait to show him.

  2. how did i miss this?? that is the greatest thing in the whole wide world