Wednesday, September 8, 2010


lovebird is at school. ALL DAY today.
so, i'm "stuck" here blogging.
my mind has been running around some crazy ideas this morning.

why is it that when i'm all alone in dead silence, 
sometimes i experience a complete sense of joy, peace and relaxation.
and yet other times i feel completely
unmotivated, lonely and a tid bit sad?

what makes a chore list never ending?

how do you explain to someone the saying,
"you'll just know he's the one."

why can't food be full of empty calories?

is it just me, or does everyone feel like they are constantly 
trying to please a handful of people?

how did i ever become so lucky to marry the 
most incredible sweetheart in the world? seriously, though.

the world is beautiful. why do people destroy it?

and has the world always revolved around money?

is it weird that i have an extreme phobia of throwing up?
i'm starting to fear eating out, simply because i fear food poisoning.

quite the list, right?
that's what happens when i get a day off from
the busy life i live.
can't wait tell loverbird gets home,
so we can chitchat about these things.

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