Saturday, September 25, 2010

today in 5

1. considering how busy we are at dance right now- it was a complete shock i didn't have rehearsal today. pure luck, if you ask me. so instead...? i got took my car into the shop for a quick check up, had a delicious pita sandwich for lunch with lovebird and made these yummy cookies.... (yes, those are pumpkin hershey kisses.  delicious.)

a special thanks to the lovely blog i got the recipe from.
they are tasty and lovebird loves them.

2. tonight i went to the general RS meeting. it was a pure delight. always so beneficial and inspiring. the words of the prophet tonight were simple and pure... "judge not". yet, how sad we live in a world where those two words sometimes seems as an impossible task. if for some reason you didn't attend- you truly missed out. so click here now. 

3. lovebird has been doing homework nonstop today. literally. sincerely wish i could take a load of his shoulders. the weight of his homework load seems to be a little to much this weekend. him busily doing homework leads me to being "alone"... so i read my book, baked and snuck a diet coke. completely feeling guilty and relaxed. 

4.  thought and quote of the day... 

too often i find myself saying "i don't have time".
the quote solves that problem.

5. i'm getting anxious for the month of october. october equals fall in my books. i love halloween- the spook in the air. how excited i am to slowly collect items to decorate my home like my mother's; full of halloween gadgets, quilts and pumpkins from ceiling to floor. i bought my first few decorations today- yay! let the collection begin. 

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