Monday, October 11, 2010

finally fall

                                                                                                          picture source: jamie

What is it about the changing of summer to fall that is so breathtaking? Fall is when the earth takes on the transformation of a fresh, earthy and deep beauty. Warm colors; brick red, mustard yellow, pumpkin orange and chocolate brown. The crisp air is sometimes shocking. However, it serves as an instant reminder that the weather is changing, summer is revolving into fall and lastly it reminds us of holidays so gratefully celebrated. Fall is beauty. I find that my long sleeves and sweatshirts dominate my closet. Scarfs come out of their hiding spot and wrap around my neck almost daily. Long pants and closed toe shoes, please. How silly it is that I live in the same world day in and day out, year after year, season after season... yet this time of year I find myself constantly gratifying in earth's magnificent beauty and ability to portray such rich colors and images. Childhood memories of fall: driving up the canyon to observe the changing of leaves, a visit (or two) to the pumpkin patch, hot chocolate and the yummy smell of soups, cookies and spices that sneak out of the kitchen. Fall is beauty. Speaking of baking; Try Mom's pumpkin cookies, beef stew or homemade chili- each one being a fall favorite of mine. Let's not forget the festivities. From Halloween to Thanksgiving, what's not to love? A time to dress up while inhaling sweets, and then stuffing your face with a feast after giving thanks to Him above. Doesn't it seem as though fall is the start of a new year? It's when school, ballet, piano, sports,etc all resume. Things seem busy and active. Fall moves at a fast pace. However, if you observe your lifestyle, I bet you find that you are starting to spend more time at home. Inside. Your body is gratefully accepting a rest from the wild thrill of summer. Fall is a time to be with family, friends and favorites. Fall is beauty. I believe fall brings hope, warm tidings, and change. My life seems vulnerable to to change during these autumn months. A time to make decisions, prioritize, devote myself to 'projects' and aspire new outcomes or goals. Isn't it remarkable that a change in season can effect or have an impact on ones lifestyle? I have succumb to fall; It has my decisions in a whirlwind, captured my undivided attention with it's rich colors, and has demanded that I stay busy, active and healthy. Fall is glorious. Fall is fresh. Fall is rejuvenating. Fall is gratifying. Fall is fun. 
Fall is beauty. Thank goodness it's finally fall.

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