Wednesday, October 6, 2010

why, oh why?

why do people drive around with their sound system blasting?
are you deaf? or who are you trying to impress?
stop it, please. my insides shake when you pull up next to me.

why does food have to make you fat?
calories are obnoxious. 

why are people intentionally rude and conniving?
i've never understood the motive behind that.
secrets, lies, comments and rumors are unnecessary.

why is it impossible to give up diet coke?
any pointers?

why does it feel as though somedays have too many hours,
and others don't quite have enough?
am i nuts for feeling this way?

why is love a game?
or at least viewed that way by the world?

why does the sun have to leave my skin freckled?
yuck. i hate it. some are cute, but not for the most part. 

what are your "why?" questions?

1 comment:

  1. I love everything you said here! I second all of these!