Sunday, November 21, 2010


i love this time of year.
driving down rumble street is currently a breathtaking moment for me.
i do it every sunday. thank you leaves.
and was sort of happy that lovebird wasn't with me, because i
blasted the heat as i took my sunday stroll. {he hates hot air blowing in his face. hates it}
i baked a delicious butterscotch apple cake today.
we just got back from a lovely dinner at our dear friend's house.
my "silly socks" are on. i'm happy. 
i should be packing right about now. but i'm clearly not.
and lastly, lovebird told me how much he loved me today.
and that he was grateful for me.
without further adieu, i would like to return the favor.
i love him.
 he is my second half. my better one, too.
i am beyond grateful for him and all that he does for me. 
i couldn't be happier, more spoiled, or feel a deeper since of love for someone.

it's that time of year to express gratituderight?
however, i should never need an excuse for my babblings about 
how much i adore my husband,
and just how grateful i am for our eternal marriage.

what are you grateful for?


  1. i love this time of year too! love my family, love my fiance, love creativity and inspiration. love that i'm home with my family this holiday season. so many good things!

    thanks for this reminder, friend!

  2. my favorite time of the year as well. You just put a huge smile on my face from this lovely post.

    I'm grateful for heartfelt friendship, which you give so generously.

    Thank you