Monday, January 3, 2011

holiday fun

 christmas has come and gone already,
but as busy and sick as i've been i'm just now getting 
around to posting about it. 
we'll let the pictures do the talking!

{going to the nutcracker for the 12th time, literally}


we had a yummy dinner at red butte.
and a lovely night catching up.
the snow was falling like crazy,
it was a perfect night for lots of cozying up,
laughing and sharing stories.

cute linds, em and laura.
sure love them.

jules, jane and cait.
what babes.

friends are the greatest.

this break with friends:
movies, parties, dinners, double dates,
new years, chitchats, black tie event and pictures.

happy 2011!!!

here are lovebird's friends.
we brought in the new year with them.

apples to apple, toasts, and....
our own ball drop.

 {first picture in 2011}

a puppy?

meet oatis.
no words quite describe his cuteness.

you could say i'm in love with him.

only one problem....

he's not ours. he belongs to crew.

santa brought him fro crewser.
ironic, right? considering i was the one who
asked for a puppy.

it's okay, i'm still in love.


  1. So fun!! Can't wait to see you guys again

  2. oh my goodness soo dang cute, i love that puppy. sad i didn't get to see you while you were in town. how is it that when you are in town i am now? typical luck haha. love you and i think about you lots xoxo