Wednesday, January 12, 2011

shout out to our famous friend.

get ready to be amazed.
will cheng, lovebird's best friend, is nearly a superstar.
he has an incredible clothing line.

the cool part about it is...
on mine and lovebird's little stroll thru a neighborhood in 
san francisco, we came upon this store....

and low and behold, 
the west is dead items were staring right back at us.

if that wasn't cool enough, we walked across the street to 
yet another store... Hello Stranger,
and there his stuff was again.

playing naive, we asked the workers what they thought about this line.
the words out of their mouths, "we love it. every person who works here owns a hat 
and we wear them all the time." they went on to tell us a little about the company,
which of course we already knew everything. 

we left the store feeling happy for will.
how impressive.
ambition is key, and following dreams too.
oh, and last but not least, we spotted this guy hanging on the wall as we walked out.

this is a big shout out to you will!
congrats on your clothing line making it to the "big world"!

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