Thursday, February 10, 2011


today, lovebird and i had one of those mornings. the mornings where you sleep in a little later than usual. but even better than sleeping in, you find yourself wide awake lost in the land of love. you know, just cuddling,  and snuggling. don't the sheets always feel so inviting in the morning, when you know you just have a few extra minutes in the day to let them engulf you? and i mean, hello... who doesn't enjoy looking into eyes that have just woken up? my dad always said, his favorite time of the day was waking up next to my mom in the mornings. he also said it was too hard to explain such a feeling, but that i would soon know why.  and now i do. lovebird looks so innocent, peaceful and his skin seems so untouched by tiredness and stress from a long day. we talked for who knows how long; about nothing yet about everything. one of those moments you wish you could freeze, or call in sick for the entire day. he brought me breakfast in bed. the breakfast which i have a craving everyday now; greek yogurt, homemade granola and flax seed. we ate it, snuggled some more and then before i knew it the day had begun. it happened all so fast. too fast.

take me back to that moment, right now please. or give me another one just like it.
k-thank-you-good-night, now.

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  1. oh my goodness. i love this! you two are adorable :)