Monday, February 7, 2011

caloric weekend.

another saturday in san francisco. i am there so often, i might as well live there. which, frankly, i wouldn't mind a single bit.... other than paying twice as much for rent.  but regardless, the day was marvelous. i actually went up to the city to rehearsal with val caniparoli for a piece we are doing in out upcoming show. click the link and read up on him. he's is a remarkable person. so incredible to work with; so inspiring and positive. i am so lucky to have such and experience of working with an accomplished artist and choreographer.

and to change subjects quickly, after an exhausting-calorie burning rehearsal, lovebird and i stayed in the city and enjoyed a scrumptious italian dinner. yep, i ate every single calorie (plus more) that i just had burnt off. that's life, right? it definitely was worth it though.
we then crossed the street and grabbed a taste of heaven; chocolate. my favorite. 
this chocolate is to die for. i guess you could consider it "exotic". it's definitely expensive. 
however, in it's defense it is worth every penny.

after being as indecisive as i am, we chose caramel with fleur de sel and madagascar.
{the caramel one was my favorite. by far.}
look how pretty they are.

all in all, it was another beautiful weekend.
i already hate the fact that it is monday. 

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  1. wrong time of the month for you to be talking about delicious food, especially chocolate. evil! now i am officially craving chocolate covered caramels, thanks lease!