Monday, February 28, 2011


wowzer! i am breathing. i'm shocked that i'm still alive.
my body kills due to soreness and the fact i haven't had a day off of dance 
in who knows how long... until now. and because of that, i am so grateful to
be sitting here, doing absolutely nothing. 
pure joy, my fiends.
don't get me wrong, i love dance. but i was in need of a break. 

the weekend was great.
my family came into town for my shows. oh, how i love them.

it was nice to have them in the audience,
but even nicer to just spend time with them.

we had a wonderful weekend. lots of eating, sprucing up my home,
shopping and of course dancing.
my little home seems so empty now that they are back home again.

like the stinker that i am, i forgot to whip out my camera and take pictures.
i am an idiot. and i'm already regretting it. 
however, thanks to some other peeps, here are a few shots from the shows.

 {pictures by bicek photography and milano photography}

lovely weekend, to say the least.
and now that it's over, i will have time to blog again. yay.
bottom line....
i love my family, adore my husband and am going to cherish every
minute of my break. my body needs it. 

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