Wednesday, February 16, 2011

tired thoughts

i really wish i wasn't feeling so dang tired right now.
today work started at 8:00 for me this morning and I got home tonight at 9:20.
yep, that's right... 13 hours and 20 minutes later... i am finally home again.
what happened to seeing my husband? blogging? eating a real meal? or even having time to sit on the couch?
i know it's ironic that i am on my blog right now. but i'm forcing myself to keep up on my posts instead of jumping straight into bed.

i thought i'd blog about some highs and lows of the week.
- i bought gumballs. the sugary, not good for your teeth kind.
- valentines. too much to say. it was all oh-so-good.
- making play-do and sugar cookies.
- getting ready for work. my outfits have managed to work themselves out each day. thank heavens.
- lovebird being incredibly good to me. dinners ready, laundry folded and dishes done. boy am i lucky.
- discovering some new make-up tricks. i'll be sharing later.
- having pleasant people come into work that manage to be nice to me. maybe because it's love week...? who knows, but it makes all the difference.
- the fact that i am saving lots of money. thats when and how i appreciate my job.
-gLee. but then again, that's a high every week.
-having to keep a very exciting secret. it's gunna be hard.

- i had quite the epic fall at dance yesterday. ouch. holy cow it hurt. i'm beyond bruised.
- being in a grumpy mood due to exhaustion way too often. i wish i believed in energy drinks.
- having a spider fall out of my hair at work. yep, we have jumping spiders as pets at work right now.
- our new home still isn't quite put together. i need a cleaning and organizing fairy. come on already.
- feeling behind in keeping in touch with some of my friends around the world.
- eating too much sugar. way too much. dang you valentines.
- you know the awkward trip over your own shoe? let's just say i have done enough for all of us this week. what is my problem? I blame it on the fact that the carpet at work is enemies with the texture on the bottom of my high heels.
- having to go "naked" at dance. (meaning nothing covering my legs.) unfortunately the sugar intake is taking a toll on my upper thighs. yikes.
- top of the list.... not having enough time. period.

okay, now i'm jumping in bed. 
oh wait, i'm going to jump in lovebird's arms first.

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