Wednesday, March 9, 2011

friends are forever.

wanna know who i miss?

lately, i've been craving seeing my "old" friends.
the ones that i grew up with.
the ones i went to high school with.
the ones that i've created millions of memories with.
simply put: i miss them.
my wedding was actually the last time i was with most of them.
i wish utah and california were closer right now.
but just this once. because life is just peachy here in cali. 


  1. I TOTALLY know how you feel! I have 10 best friends from high school, we still stayed close over the past 11 years. 3 of them have been my best friends since junior high. Man, I miss them too. California is great and I wouldn't turn back the clock, but I wish worlds could mesh more often!

  2. I wish Utah and California were closer too because then I could see my family and friends more! Silly Nevada being in the way...