Thursday, March 17, 2011

little leprechaun

happy st. patty's day!
did the leprechaun visit your house too?
i hope so. he certainly stopped by here. 
leaving us lots of coins and lots of laughs. 
dressed head to toe in green today, 
i headed off to work and dance for a busy day.
lovebird procrastinated doing his paper... 
so that is what he worked on all day.
{oh wait, is still working on. might i add. dang him.} 
we had a delicious dinner. thank you ireland and "carlson" traditions.
corn beef and cabbage artichokes.
(i'll pass on the cabbage. yuck.) 
unfortunately, i didn't get to take any pictures of the green pancakes 
or sugar cookies i made in lieu of this splendid holiday...
 they were gobbled up too fast by lovebird and friends. 
what a lovely holiday.
it's truly one of my favorites. 

p.s. did you know originally leprechauns wore red? we've just adapted it over the years. 
kind of crazy, right?

1 comment:

  1. Love the idea of artichokes instead of cabbage!

    And red, really? Cool.