Tuesday, March 1, 2011

real housewife

it's so wonderful to be a wife again.
not having dance, leaves me a lot of time to fiddle around
and be a housewife.

i baked lovebirds favorite granola.
did loads of laundry. {pun intended}
enjoyed a diet coke. sitting down. i'm usually on the run.
i've made some yummy meals.
sat around and admired lovebird doing is homework.
caught up on some t.v. shows, that i haven't watched for months.
made a flannel board for my little primary kids.
and expressed to lovebird....
"that i can't wait to be a real wife one day."
and he replied: "you already are a wife."
"i'm not a real one. i want to stay home everyday and do
 little things like this, while you work."

i know, i'm a dreamer. my time will come soon enough.
won't it?
for now, being an extremely busy wife is good enough.  

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