Friday, April 22, 2011

love & hate

so, what do you think of the latest hair trend?

i am a lover and a hater.
 because i love the look. i think it is hippie, classy and funky all 
at the same time. i am looking for a change in my ever so boring hair- and i'm suddenly craving feathers.
because it is ruining the fly fishing industry.
being a 'carlson' at heart, this is a con to the whole feather trend.
but that is me being a dork. and a fly fishing lover.
i'm torn. maybe you can help. 
are you a lover or a hater?


  1. I have a couple feathers in my hair, but I got them from my daddy. :)

    I understand about being torn though! (Being a Howard and all.)

  2. i've seen some people rock it! love the looks in these ladies. i think you could pull it off too.

    i don't think i could. knowing me, playing with my hair all the time, i'd probably rip the darn thing out. hehe.

  3. lover! i've had them for a month now and i am so happy i got them! i was a little skeptical at first but i've had more put in since. they are easy to hide too if you don't want them to be seen!