Friday, July 1, 2011

summertime is a busy time.

it's been a busy summer.
which is a complete understatement.

working like a crazy women.
road trips and visits home.
weddings galore.
  housesitting three houses at the same time.
lovebird's surgery, 'sytycd' parties, keeping up on cleaning.
days at the pool, dates with friends, and teaching piano.

which makes our long summer days seem short.
which makes our summer months pass by too quickly.
which also means fall is around the corner. literally.

lovebird and i went "home" to salt lake for a couple weeks.
we had a blast. enjoyed our visit with loved ones. and ate far too much.
here's to seeing those we miss and love...
cute cousin patsy.
isn't she adorable?
{and yes patsy, you made it on the blog ;)}

more pictures to come, as soon as i can run away from
the business of life and sit down with enough time to download photos
and write up a post to do our trip justice.

love you all. sorry for being too busy to neglect this blog world.

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