Friday, August 26, 2011

nerd alert

there was a key in our mailbox. 
i swear it's like getting a key to open a treasure chest.
and that's exactly what i did. 
i opened my mailbox to find this lovely and large package (more like gift) from my darling mother.
i ripped it open, because lovebird and i both know that packages from midge
are simply the best. hands down.
she proved herself to be the best mother yet again.
she sent me a "back to school" package. awesome right?
take a look...
a backpack. hip hip horray! you can find it here.
two of my favorite things: houndstooth and the color puke green. 
but of course midge didn't send an empty backpack....
she crammed it full of new clothes for both lovebird and i,
school supplies, snacks, jewelry and a pair of new shoes.
i'm all set for school. 
i'll be prepared, fashionable and my back will no longer
complain of my heavy load. and yes, i was complaining after just a week.
so folks, guess what?
i am officially too cool for school. 

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