Tuesday, August 9, 2011

nothing better than getting mail.

you know that when there is a key in your mailbox, you are bound to find something good.
a package, a shipment, or in my case..... a shoe box.
what a fantastic find in my mailbox.
i've been waiting for these bad boys to come.
now i'm a runnin' fool.
okay, not really. but i'm aspiring to be. 
that's all that matters, right?
wait, back this up. that was a lie. 
i hate running. actually despise it.
you can't pay me to run. not outdoors or on the treadmill.
i don't get where my hatred came from.
my mom was a devoted runner, marathon do-er for years.
why wasn't her love passed onto me?
instead i workout on various machines looking quite stylish- thanks to nike.
however, lovebird doesn't even consider what i do a workout.
bottom line is: i have rad shoes. 
and whether they get a workout or not, they are still awesome shoes. 

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