Friday, August 5, 2011


a funny little thought:
it blows my mind to think that when a song comes on the radio or when i pop in a cd (yes, they still exist) that i bought ten years ago i can sing every word to every song. why is that? it's mind boggling. its funny to think i can't repeat a little quote i memorized a few days ago- but if you play a song i used to know in jr. high- i can sing every word. is it the same way for you? i mean think about just how many songs your know and could for the most part sing... a lot, right? does our brain connect better to memorizing when music is playing? or maybe it's because when you are young you tend to obsess over a song and play it a gazillion times until your parents are ready to kill you. who knows? regardless- i'm amazed at how my brain has stored and memorized so many songs; i have quite the library. this is a completely random thought- but i betcha you'll think about it next time you rock out to a song you used to sing while driving our with your groupies from high school.

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