Thursday, September 1, 2011

greetings in september

goodbye august.hello september. 
goodbye summer. hello school.
goodbye happy feet. hello swan lake.
goodbye 'wasted' computer time. hello books.
goodbye pore clogging one. hello new foundation.
goodbye soda. hello water. {i promise, i really am trying.}
goodbye coral nail polish. hello gold!
goodbye dry skin. hello moisturizer.
 goodbye habit of cracking my knuckles. hello pretty hands.
goodbye overrated summer. hello the anticipation of fall. 
goodbye spending. hello saving.  {this one makes lovebird happy}
goodbye water bottles. hello best invention
goodbye anxiety and fear of it. hello math. 
goodbye free time of any sort. hello busy. 
goodbye old and faithful computer. hello new one. 
goodbye late nights. hello alarm clock. 
 goodbye. hello.

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