Tuesday, November 1, 2011

greetings in november.

goodbye october. hello november.
goodbye halloween treats. hello healthy snacks.
goodbye jack-o-lanterns. hello turkeys.
goodbye swan lake performances. hello nutcracker rehearsals.
goodbye witches. hello pilgrims.
goodbye empty space. hello a new couch.
goodbye halloween. hello thanksgiving.
goodbye withdrawals. hello glee.
goodbye pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. hello pumpkin pie.
goodbye ballerina flats. hello boots with tall socks.
goodbye roots. hello blonde hair.
goodbye hopes of going home for thanksgiving. hello being just the two of us. 
goodbye dirty carpets. hello free cleaning. {thanks to renting for over a year}
goodbye old iphone. hello brand new. 
goodbye empty neck. hello scarfs. 
goodbye crowded counter top. hello thrifted bathroom cabinet. 
goodbye sugar cravings. hello self control.
goodbye iced drinks. hello warm ones.
goodbye feeling busy. hello feeling too busy. 
goodbye to warm weather. hello goosebumps.
goodbye october. hello november. 

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