Sunday, December 18, 2011

"say cheese"

life as a ballerina, according to my phone:
{here are lots of pictures from the weekend of performances}
sorry for the lack of posts this weekend.
i've been a tad bit busy with performing, family in town and finals.
so for now, pictures will have to do. 
nutcracker has come and gone already. crazy.  
i hope you had a lovely weekend full of christmas parties and peppermint goodies. 
we {my family and us lovebirds} are headed to san francisco tomorrow.
crewser's first trip there. any suggestions out there? what to show him in one day...?
{happy holidays}
can you believe christmas is in one week from today?
i can't. however, i'm greatly anticipating being home for the holidays. 


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Your blog is pretty cute too! love th ballet photos here! I just saw the nutcracker last night with my husband! This is our second year going, I think we'll make it a new tradtion!

  2. awwww you look so pretty! My daughter is obsessed with anything Nutcracker...p.s. I can't believe Christmas will be over in a week!

  3. I'm SO extremely jealous thaty ou are a ballerina. I love dance! One of my best friends goes to Point Park University for dance.

    I love any opportunity to experience a performance. I used to dance and miss it dearly.

    Great Blog!

  4. So I just found your blog via Mr Taylor and His Lady, and I am in love. You're a ballerina! I'm pretty much now obsessed. You are so cute and so is your blog! Newest reader :)

    Along Abbey Road