Thursday, December 22, 2011

slightly famous.

never in a million years would i have thought my picture would make it onto pinterest.
i'm humbled and happy.
so a big thanks to those who are pinning! 

today, i thought i'd share a little piece of advice:
stay alert while driving out there.
the roads are jammed packed with people in a hurry.
i can't believe how may cars are on the roads.
not to mention the challenge of finding a open parking space.
everyone is last minute shopping, which i am completely guilty of.
although, the shopping has come to an end; 
thanks to a good night's rest of 10 hours, {which never happens}
and a big cold fountain diet coke, to keep me going! 
so i urge you all to stay calm out there and drink a diet coke.
it does wonders.

christmas is around the corner. yippee!
{i'm loving that christmas is on a sunday this year.}
i'm hoping you are all gearing up for the big weekend of festivities. 
i can't wait to see your pictures as well as share mine.
happy shopping, happy thursday, and cheers to diet cokes. 


  1. i am currently drinking a diet coke and sitting on pinterest. same minds I tell ya! :p

  2. yay for being 'slightly famous!' (: congrats! you deserve it and more.

  3. merry christmas :) yay for your pic making it on pinterest!!! it's just too cute :) xoxoxo brynn