Tuesday, February 21, 2012

wise words by juno.

"i never realize how much i like being home
 unless i've been somewhere really different for awhile." 

lovebird and i had a little movie night last night. 
he had never seen juno. 
{what!? right? i saw it three times in the theater}
i forget the brilliance amongst the laughter of that movie.
i love the quote above.
you know that feeling of walking into your home after being gone?
it's that indescribable feeling, that juno so accurately describes in a precious scene. 
whether you've been gone running errands for the day or 
if you've been vacationing for a week on the beach,
opening your own front door seems foreign yet overly inviting.
when you take those first steps into your home,
you're enveloped with comfort and familiarity due to your home's scent and warmth.
what's crazy, is that feeling still exists and is almost overpowering 
when i step foot into the home i grew up in. 
i'm headed home {to utah} this weekend.
i'm looking forward to embracing that love of being home
after being "somewhere different" for awhile.
and the ironic thing is... 
i can say the same thing upon returning to my own home in california.
being home is a beautiful thing.
thanks for the reminder, juno.

p.s. lovebird is the "cheese to my macaroni."
there are some prime lines in that movie.
i suggest you watch it if you are craving a good laugh or wanting to feel loved. 


  1. Omg. One of my favorite movies of all time! I love how witty they are with each other!

  2. Such a good movie. And I love that quote. I'm so glad we found each other's blgos :)

  3. My sister and I love that song from Juno...I can't remember what it is called but it says, "Anyone else, but yooouuuu..." Anyways, great movie! haha. And I totally agree with this post. Going home to my parents is so nice, and there is nothing better but I also love coming home to my husband in Dallas.

  4. love. great quote..my view on home and my family there without me totally changed after i was away the whole summer and now for college. xx

    and great movie:)

  5. I've never seen Juno!!! Isn't that terrible. I really need to. Everyone tells me it's awesome. Glad you and your man enjoyed it together =)

    - Sarah

  6. oh gosh! can't believe little lovebird has never seen this movie before. definitely so very fabulous!
    the mister and i like to give the "stink eye" every once in a while to each other, ha
    xo TJ

  7. I love that movie. And the soundtrack, its odd but I like it. I am so glad we've found one another's blog. I am probably going to rent this dvd tonight.

  8. I loved this movie...perfect for a date night!! Happily following your blog ~

  9. I love this movie so much. When my mister and I first started dating, my mom decided we needed to all watch this movie together so we wouldn't get pregnant. Awkward. Haha, but still an awesome film ;)
    xo Heather

  10. I enjoyed this movie too, but I think I've only seen it once! I love being at home. Being at home, in Pajamas, that always makes me feel like I'm on top of the world! So glad I found your blog (via TJ :) )

  11. i think i will watch it again. thanks for the reminder. and bonus it's on cable this week!

  12. Can you believe that I've never seen this movie?? I guess I know what my next movie night with the hubs will be!