Wednesday, March 28, 2012

hump day.

hello hump day.
you've definitely been a big bump in my road today.
although, i'm now sliding down the backside of your bump.
my tests are over. done and done.
 thank heavens.
i feel like i can actually breathe again.
and i may even be five pounds lighter without my stress.
however, my brain still feels like it's swimming.  

as for the rest of my wendnesday:
1. i am drooling over this hair do.
i've got a crush on messy braids with tons of volume right now.
2. i am searching for the perfect floral pant.
lovebird isn't crazy about them, and has even made fun of them.
so i must find a lovely pair. and one that he approves of.
you know best. which ones are you eyeing?
3. i'm jumping for joy. because technically my weekend starts today.
no school friday! hip hip hooray!  
4. i'm getting ready for a little performance tomorrow.
watch this sneak peak.
5. i'm craving broccoli.
oh wait, that's every day lately. weird, right? 

happy hump day.


  1. broccoli? such an interesting craving. my cravings are more mainstream... like cupcakes. and in-n-out :)

    congratulations on being done with your tests!
    xx jes

  2. I'm loving braids, braids, and more braids right now too!

  3. jealous, no school.
    and i love that hair. i love braids. i've tried multiple times to get my husband to learn how to braid my hair. still working ont that.
    i also love the color of her hair.


  4. I love that hair style, though I could never pull it off. Ditto about the floral pants! But way for weekends that begin early, we're off to Fiji on Sunday so I feel like I'm on holiday already! <3

  5. Yay, braids! I remember teaching myself how to French braid my own hair when I was a kid (my mom was a terrible hairstylist, as the "layers" she once cut into my hair proved). I'm so happy braids are in style again.

    Happy Wednesday!
    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  6. yay for finishing your tests! i had to take a little school time out from the blog world these last few days and I'm just now catching up on everything, glad i'm not the only one :)

  7. Ive had trouble with the floral pant trend, but I cant wait to see what you find!

  8. obsessed with messy braids. just need to get some hair extensions so that i can actually have braids.

  9. Lovebird sounds like my hubs with the floral pants. And I made the best broccoli tonight that I got off pinterest. You must check it out so simple but amazing


  10. I can't wait until my hair is long enough for a messy braid!

  11. thanks so much for your sweet comment, totally with you on the braid trend I love doing something different with my hair because I tend to get stuck in ruts


  12. You should try some of the hairstyles and show us your rendition! The link isn't working on my phone but I hope your show is awesome!

  13. Oh ya I love her hair, that is so legit. Also, you're craving broccoli? That's probably why you're so tiny. I'm constantly craving cookies, donuts, chocolate, and carbs. This is why I'm not tiny haha.


  14. Loving messy braids at the moment too. Perfect for spring and summer! Congrats on finishing your tests. Good luck on your performance!

  15. I'm hearting messing braids at the moment too...something about them are just so perfect for spring!

  16. I must admit, I tried this messy hair do and it was an absolute disaster. It held steady just long enough to get to work but once I got there bobby pins started flying off and the hair took on a life of its own :) It was worth a shot.