Tuesday, March 20, 2012

ten happy things:

the little things that make life beautiful {as of late}:
1. holidays that insist on me wearing my favorite color: green.
2. cadburry eggs and girl scout cookies.
3. homemade banana bread with whole wheat flour. yum.
4.  getting a little package in the mail from little brother:
{a t-shirt with the mexican flag. too cute and funny. oh, and something for my smash book too}
5. watching downton abbey with lovebird. [every night.]
we are a bit addicted.
it's apparent we are quite connected to the characters:
we both looked over at each other with tears in our eyes after a death in the episode.
6. washing my face with the {trendy} mia. 
there's a reason it is trendy: it works wonders. 
7. the saying "brunettes have more fun".
it's fun being on the dark side for once. pun intended.  
8. the lovely peter pan collar.
i think it is so feminine and classy.
{i love this, this and this one. i want them all.}
9. wearing my hunter boots like they're going out of style.
thank you, rain.
10. warm weather for the mere purpose of not having cracked/dry hands.
you have no idea what my poor hands have looked like.
this is a true blessing. 


  1. You should share that banana bread recipe. Sounds delish!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. Thought I'd visit yours. What is Mia?

  3. i love that shirt. seriously love peter pan collar. so cute.


  4. you should post more about mia.. ive never heard of it before. i guess i'm not trendy ? hahah. also, SAME with the dry hands for me!! helloooo no more dry hands:) love! xoxo

  5. can we have a downton abbey party? it is literally my obsession!

  6. Yes! The Peter pan collar! So adorable!

  7. 11. reading your blog because we share the same love of peter pan collars and hunter boots and i'm closer to brunette than i am blonde, so yes, "brunette's have more fun" is fun for me too.
    xx jes

  8. oh goodness, now I am craving a cadburry egg! thanks a lot.

  9. hehe yay! brunettes have more fun!

  10. What a darling blouse! I love you happy lists. hopefully one day I will post one as well too. I even started watching Downtown Abbey, and am a fan.


  11. Oh, the mention of banana bread reminds me that I have bananas to make some with!
    I'm into the peter pan collars right now, too! I just don't know if I could ever pull them off.

  12. I made homeade banana bread (with whole wheat flour) last week and I honestly could have eaten the whole thing! (But I didn't!) :)

  13. I love making banana bread!



  14. Awh all of these thing sound so good! They made me smile on such a crappy day! And I loooove that top. (:

  15. For starters you and your man are such a beautiful couple! Geeze loise! And homemade banana break with whole wheat flour def makes my happy list too!

  16. Really do need a pair of Hunter boots. They make the rain worth it.

    Great blog, girl!

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  18. What a beautiful shirt! And this was really such a sweet post! :)

  19. Loved looking through your blog:) so glad you stopped by mine! Loved it and followed!


  20. 2. I love number 2. Also, I remember the first package I got from my little brother, he sent me a pirate flag haha. I love the kid but what am I supposed to do with a pirate flag?


  21. that top!! it took my breath away, it's so pretty. i can't wait for warm weather either, as a nurse i wash my hands so much that in the winter they are just raw. it's the worse. hooray for spring!

  22. cute!!!


  23. How could you not love Downton Abbey? So, so wonderful. It's as awesome and thrilling as a movie but in every episode. Love. It.

  24. I absolutely love that top! And green is my favorite color too! :) So happy I found your blog! Looking forward to reading more! xo Eden

  25. I really love your blog and the outfits.....
    I follow you now... Come and visit my blog=)
    And If you like,...follow back=)
    Have a nice day!

  26. Those are all super wonderful things! I really love that peach top with the gold! STUNNING! xoxo A-

  27. cute!! And yes on Downton Abbey :). I watched it with some girl friends but I kinda want to rewatch it with Rob just so he knows what I'm talking about.

  28. I keep hearing that about the mia... I might have to cave finally! I adore you blog ...like a lot a lot.