Tuesday, April 3, 2012

greetings in april.

goodbye march. hello april.
goodbye st. patricks's day. hello easter.
goodbye leprechaun. hello easter bunny.
goodbye self control. hello cadbury eggs. 
goodbye 25. hello lovebird's birthday.
{golden birthday, in fact. woot woot!}
goodbye feeling overwhelmed. hello spring break.
goodbye choreographer workshop. hello romeo and juliet.
goodbye seriousness. hello april fools.
{did you play a good joke?}
goodbye pandora. hello spotify. 
goodbye hatred of tea. hello vanilla rooibos tea lattes.
goodbye red lips & mint nails. hello coral lips & lilac nails.
goodbye to my usual: silent car rides. hello recent obsession: kina grannis.
goodbye side part. hello middle part.
{i'm talking hair, incase you didn't pick up on that.} 
goodbye kelly green. hello chartruese.
goodbye chickadees. hello robins. 
goodbye animal print. hello floral print. 
{ever-so trendy yet completely adorable.}
goodbye to spending. hello to saving for summer vacations.
goodbye to dark winter layers. hello to light silky pastels. 
goodbye march. hello april. 

hello lovely followers,
happy april to you.
please link back to my page if you carry on this idea.
i greatly appreciate it. 


  1. gosh. i love spring. april is the turn of it. i having a feeling its going to get warm and stay warm here. also, i love coral and lilac. amazing. seriously. you are really cute.


  2. oh i can't wait to start saving for summer vacations!

  3. love it. so glad middle part is getting a month all to itself. :)

  4. Such a cute idea, I love this!!! I don't know if I could get as creative as you but I might have to try this soon!! Love your blog, new follower :) :)

  5. Coral lips and lilac nails, ah! I was planning to paint my nails today...thanks for making it easy to choose the color!


    P.S. I will absolutely post updates on how this 7 day diet is going. I know what you mean about your body craving fruits and veggies...mine is feeling surprisingly happy right about now!

  6. adorable! I love spring, too :)

  7. This is such a cute idea! And I loooooove Kina Grannis, she is also a current obsession of mine :)

  8. heck yes! i am excited for spring this year for sure:)


  9. Oh, this sounds so good to me... I am melting away in happiness.


  10. I'm stealing this from you for my post on Thursday! Such a cute idea :)

  11. Yes, goodbye self control this weekend when that Easter candy comes out!!

    Where do you dance?!

  12. Just stumbled across you! Adorable blog!

    I love Kina Grannis and I LOVE spring :)


  13. You are always so adorable! I can just picture you writing a poetry book. Everything that you write down is just so perfect! Happy Easter :)

  14. It sounds like you will have a lovely April! ♥

    I too have no self control when it comes to Easter eggs! It's lucky they are only around once a year :)

  15. i want coral lips and lilac nails! happy april to you!