Friday, April 20, 2012

i heart you.

i have a crush on you. 
i'm totally crushing on these few things lately.

long skirts: you are my fashion obsession at the moment.
especially the long-silky-pleated ones.
i just want to spend my days letting the wind blow you, as you make
me feel oh-so feminine and in a sense conservative. 

moroccan oil: i will be faithful to you until the day i die.
you save my hair every single day.
i love you more than you know.

up the amp:  hello purple lips.
thank you mac, for this fun bright color.
i'm clearly in love.

organic produce: i've been falling for you more and more lately.
you may be pricey, but you are well worth it.
i prefer you ten times over "regular" produce now.
you taste better, you last longer, and buying you locally supports a good cause.

j.crew: yes, the entire store.
if i could transform my closet into your store and catalog,
i would do it in a heartbeat. 

bright blue: simply the color.
whether it be this new clearance skirt i just bought,
the gorgeous blue skies we've been lucky to have lately
or the way you remind me of my lovely mother and grandma.
i'm totally into you.

what are you crushing on lately?
it's time to reveal your secret crushes.
beauty items, food, colors, people or places.
what ever it may be....
spill the beans, i want to hear! 


  1. My summer crushes are: twistbands, the civil wars, Maxi skirts, and saltwater sandals! Oh and top knots, because who really wants to do their hair in the summer?

  2. I LOVE Moraccan saves my hair every day too.

    Organic produce is way my opinion, non-organic produce shouldn't look, feel, or taste like rubber :)

    I'm crushing on some Chevron patterns....I want it EVERYWHERE!

  3. Someone has a lot of crushes, but I would totally go for the entire j crew store as well lol

    Xo, happy Friday

  4. eeeeek! long skirts, pink lipstick, and organic produce for me too!! xo

  5. just started using moroccan oil and i'm already hooked! i only wish i started sooner :)

  6. I am in close to being in love with j.crew. Everything in there right now is perfect!
    I've been living in rain boots which I'm happy about. Oh, and as weird and elderly as this may sounds, I have been crushing on my bright melon colored wrap dress that I just bought. it is so cozy!

  7. What a fun post!! I absolutely LOVE Morrocan Oil! That stuff is seriously just YUM! And I'm totally with you on your crush for JCrew and Long skirts!!

  8. Well I have to say those are all worth crushing over! Ill take the whole Zara store too!


  9. A definite YES to the long skirts. I can't keep my eyes off of them every time I see on in stores!!

    Also, hip hip hooray for organic produce! I just found a little store near my old home that sells it, and it is surprisingly cheaper than my grocery store! Nothing can cheer up my day like that little place :)


  10. moroccan oil and j crew...the best! love all of your crushes :)

    i'm crushing on: bright colored gingham, statement necklaces, blackberry lemonade, and zac efron (always).

  11. I love the bright blue colors as well. What a fun post. love it. :) I'm crushing on 50's style, polkadots, my 3 dogs and Mad Men :)

  12. I am totally crushing on all the bright colors that are in style right now. I LOVE bold colors.

  13. I'm definitely crushing on strappy sandals! And I love that you are adventuring with bright colors! Oh, and I'm also crushing on campfire sauce! That sauce at Red Robin. Just sayin' ;)

  14. I'm crushing on all bright colors right now, they are so fun and happy! I also love Jcrew and wish I owned everything in that store!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  15. Ahhh. I love the style of this post. Sooo c
    Cute. I'm crushing on the long skirts too, although I haven't got one yet. :)

  16. Ooohh my goodness, I just came across your blog & love it already! You are precious.... :) I've got some crushes on the same things...

    Newest follower! :)
    @ Life's Little Lovelies

  17. I would have to say between J.Crew, the long skirts, and organic produce you about covered my crushes that never go away. :)

  18. 4 months is all? i'm totally in love in jcrew...! your blog is so stinkin cute, btw!

  19. Maxi skirts too, macarrons, havaianas flip-flops, also J. Crew clothing, etc...

  20. Definitely maxi skirts and dresses too...though I don't think I have one in my closet (yet), anything pastel, quinoa...I eat it every week, and the new Tennis album. 4 months only?! I'd probably say I'm in love with all these things...hehe. Have a sweet weekend! x Marisa

  21. Loving these crushes : ) Why are maxi skirts so awesome?! I feel so girly and lovely wearing one. I only have one maxi dress...need to build my collection. But that dress is bright blue! So there you go. Also, I wish I could get that entire JCrew closet too : )

  22. love these!
    i am totally crushing on that same royal blue and yellow right now! and pastel nails. love!


  23. you are absolutely adorable!!!!
    i am loving this idea. and i think i may have a crush on these things too. definitely on jcrew ;)
    xo TJ

  24. Another for long skirts! Although, I'm not sure how to pull it off, do you wear very tall high heels? I feel like I might be too short and would hold the skirt off the ground haha Have a nice weekend!

  25. Thank you for the lovely comment :)

    now following you, follow me?


  26. Cute post! I have always wanted to try Moroccan oil!