Tuesday, April 24, 2012

little love notes.

a few {little} love letters as of late:

dear elder carlson: i get to talk to you in one week! i am waiting as patiently as i can for monday to come. you can bet your bottom dollar i'll be by my phone 24/7 that day- i am dying to talk to you- and that's an understatement. hurry up already- mexico is calling your name!

dear shellac/gel nails: you are the best invention {ever}. if i could convince myself that i deserved to spend money on you every two weeks, i totally would. i'm a sucker for nail polish; especially un-chippped and shiny nail polish, which is exactly what you are for a solid two weeks.

dear romeo and juliet rehearsals: you are exhausting. your rehearsals are long. or maybe it's the long day i have before i start rehearsing you. you're lucky i am in love with the music and the starstruck love story- or i'm not quite sure how much longer i can put up with you and the bruises you cover my poor knees with.

dear number 26: what a special number you are this week. you happen to be lovebird's golden birthday this year. i'm looking forward to thursday, his birthday, and the year that follows. i hope 26 is a good year for him. please bring lots of luck, love, traveling and maybe a graduation...?

dear hairs upon my head: thanks for not being the oily type. i don't know if i'm embarrassed or proud to say that i haven't washed my hair since wednesday night. {that's not a joke.} with my extremely busy schedule not having to wash my hair is a true blessing simply because i don't have to take the time to style it from scratch every morning. a special thanks to moroccan oil, dry shampoo and the top knot for allowing my hair to get it's debut for several days in a row.

dear artichokes: you are a recent love of mine. i ate a whole one for dinner last night, and could have had another one if lovebird would have let me. you are scrumptious. why didn't i like you as a kid growing up? i wasted all those years on not enjoying your yumminess.

dear evolution: exploring your theories and principals are quite interesting. being raised religiously and believing in a creation my whole life interferes with you slightly. that being said, you do intrigue me. i enjoy learning your perspective. your point of view is scientific while my point of view is based on faith. both of our ideas together, make for a confused outcome. one thing is for certain; my anthropology class has certainly made me open my eyes to a whole new concept while planting my feet even further in faith.


  1. I have heard good things about gel nails. I want to try them now!

  2. 7 days? how is that possible? envy.
    gel nails.. there's a thought to think about.
    romeo and juliet! wow! that is exciting! :)


  3. I want to try shellac but I can't justify spending the money. I usually go about 5 days without washing my hair with shampoo...the days in between I just wet with water and scrunch with gel. I love having thick/curly hair!!

    I hope that you have a great week doll!

  4. I love shellac nails, it is the only way to make my polish last over a week!

  5. I adore shellac, artichokes, birthdays, and your Heidi braids!

  6. I love not having oily hair either. I only wash mine once a week, it's glorious. Your hair looks darling, by the way!

  7. wishing my hair was long enough to wear it like that! so cute!

  8. Love this post. I find myself going days without washing my hair... Thank you no grease!!! Although I don't know if I'd admit how long I go... ;) kudos to you! Also I have the same relationship with artichokes... Hated as a child, love them now!!! And finally, I bet you are going to be beautiful in Romeo and Juliet!

  9. I might wash my hair twice a week...I love that b/c I hate blow drying it & straightening it. Takes too long. My hair isn't quiet long enough yet to wear it like yours in the picture though...love that style :)

  10. I am also completely obsessed with shellac...and have been forking over the $50 or so dollars it costs every month since January to keep my nails looking pretty - I convinced myself that since I'm recently engaged that it was worth it to have unchipped shiny nails...but that is an awful lot of money to spend every month on something like that!!

    I love your little love notes!

  11. I need to give these shellac nails a try! I've heard so many great things about them :)

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  12. Love your braids! I wish that I had the ability to do such things! :)
    And maybe I should try artichokes now as well. :)

  13. That's so awesome that you're in a Romeo and Juliet play. I've always loved that play. It's also wonderful to hear that your faith has been getting stronger while taking your anthropology class. I too felt that same way, when I took that class about 10 years ago. :)

  14. My oil-prone hairs are jealous of your non-oily ones!
    I wish I could convince myself to get my nails done a few times a month, too. But I much prefer ice cream as my little treat :) And it makes it so fun to look forward to getting my nails done for an extra special treat when my mom comes to visit!

  15. yes, love the elders.
    i love gel nails, i love getting them done on my toes, toenail polish never lasts very long for me.
    you are so cute, i love your braid


  16. I'm with ya on the shellac nails! I LOVE them, but I just can't afford to keep they up...so I have to force myself not to get them or I will get addicted!!
    ♥ Kyna

  17. So jealous,I have to wash my hair every single day!Yes!Artichokes are the BEST!

  18. i think its awesome that even though you are religious you are choosing to learn about evolution. i've heard some people bring the two ideas together by believing that God started evolution.... anyways its an interesting thought.