Tuesday, May 1, 2012

greetings in may.

goodbye april. hello may.
goodbye easter. hello birthday.
goodbye 22. hello 23. {i'm getting so old.}
goodbye rehearsals of romeo & juliet. hello last performances of the season.
goodbye april showers. hello may flowers.
goodbye dance. hello extra time in the day. {freedom! yay!}
goodbye lectures. hello finals. 
goodbye old desires of getting a dark tan. hello to sunscreen and pale skin all summer long. 
goodbye bruised toenails. hello to multiple pedicures.
{bonus to being done with the ballet season}
goodbye delaying homework due to being busy.
hello to buckling down and actually doing it.
goodbye to working out in the dance studio. hello to the gym.
goodbye "dear elders" to crew. hello long distance letters.
goodbye to a closet full of clothes in the "awkward" season.
hello to summer clothes on the hangers.
{awkward season= a little bit of winter and spring mixed}
goodbye high maintenance hair. hello messy braids.
goodbye dinner at 9:30. hello evenings spent with lovebird.
goodbye pointe shoes. hello sandals and flip flops.
goodbye tied down saturdays.
hello day trips and to san francisco, yosemite, and the beaches that surround us.
goodbye carb craving. hello vegetable indulgence.
goodbye staying up too late. hello "early to bed and early to rise".
goodbye dreams of traveling. hello planning reality.
goodbye april. hello may.

happy may!
it's my favorite month of the year.
{i swear that has nothing to do with it being my birthday month- i just love the month of may.}
i am excited to see your "goodbye-hello" lists this month.
link up or leave a comment below leading me to your lovely lists! 


  1. june is my favorite month, and that has nothing to do with my birthday in june as well,,haha.

    oh...i'm turning 23 as well next month

    have a great May for you,,

  2. May will be a great one! xo

  3. i'm really excited for may, but i think Utah wants it to still be April because its raining today. that's not supposed to happen. i also feel like i have less time now then i did all year long. dang it my life is backwards.


  4. Happy Birthday month :) I love May too...for me, it's an official intro to Summer. Looking forward to keeping my feet in my flip flops for the next four/five months :)

  5. hope May is wonderful for y'all! happy birthday month!

  6. May is my favorite month too! It is my birthday month too and I am turning 23 as well. I am a teacher, so May means that school is almost over!

  7. Such a sweet picture! Love your braid!

  8. You make may sound so dreamy. I may have to switch my favorite month now! Cute cute hair. Tutorial?

  9. i love your braid. and this happy post. happy birthday month! ps. i just turned 24 last month-let's not talk about getting old because it stresses me out and then i get ulcers and acne. dealing with aging is a real condition for me. oh, and side note: do you want to swap buttons?

  10. you made me laugh that 23 is old! ahhh! you are so young, don't even worry. :) happy birthday and yay for may!

  11. I absolutely love your "good-bye; hello" lists. One of my favorite ways to start the new month :)
    I turn 23 this month, too, so we're Birthday month buddies! And a huge hooray for free time and day trips to fun places around you. I'm hoping to maybe make the long drive up to San Francisco this summer!

  12. I love your hair!!! so cute!

  13. Happy birthday pretty lady! I absolutely love your goodbye -hello lists. I will have to do one as well. Too fun to resist. Enjoy your new found freedom now that you're Romeo and Juliete show is coming to an end. yeah! May is such a sweet month here in AZ before we get to June where we are welcomed by 110 degree weather. yikes :)

  14. your hair makes me smile :) YOU make me smile! i can't believe your only 23!
    id love to get your take on marriage and life sometime; you just seem so genuine :D

    tiana of l'esthetique

  15. Lets hang out now that you have more time!!!!!! Lets plan something asap... we could meet half way? xoxo

  16. Hello gorgeous! Happy month of May and Happy Birthday to you. This May I am looking forward to my 7th anniversary with my fiance. =)

  17. I love how summer gives us an excuse for messy braids. Seriously, my favorite part of summer. ;) And happy birthday month! xo

  18. I always enjoy your goodbyes & hellos each month.
    I loved this line "goodbye carb craving. hello vegetable indulgence."
    Just how I feel about may! Haha

  19. Cutest picture ever!
    ♥ Kyna

  20. Love your hello, goodbye list! So much that I made my own ;)


  21. thanks for your sweet comment! your blog is absolutely adorable, so glad i found it! wanna follow each other? x

  22. i always love these! and seriously, your milk maid / heidi braids are too adorable!!!
    happy early birthday! when's the big day? i guess i could just look on facebook, ha
    xo TJ

  23. sweet couple!Lovely blog :) I would love to see much of your post! I hope we could follow each other.

    Let me know once you followed me in google friend connect and I will follow right back.


  24. I love this list!! Goodness, you are too adorable for words:) I'm definitely with you with May being a favorite month. I am more than thankful to say goodbye to jackets and staying indoors.

  25. You inspired me to do this list for my goodbye school, hello summer post! :) You can read it here:


  26. i know it's a little late :) but here's my link up!! thanks for the cute idea!