Monday, July 23, 2012

just a taste.

here's a little taste of venice. 
i am still sorting through the ba-jillion pictures we managed to snap.
if only it was a quick and easy job to sort, edit and post pictures.
part of me has needed a vacation from my vacation. {if that makes any sense}.
i've been taking things slow:  
running errands, slowly getting back into work,
visiting with friends, laying by the pool and cleaning my home 
that seemed to have collected an inch of dust while we were gone.
{what a nice welcome home gift, right?}
so, please bare with me-
i do promise to eventually post pictures from italy. 

meanwhile, it's back to dance i go.
today is going to be ruff.
 tomorrow my muscles will be screaming.
wednesday, they will want  to kill me.
thursday they'll still be paying for the consequences 
of not me not staying in shape over the summer.
friday they may finally be used to the pain
and saturday they'll be rejoicing in a day off.
my reply to the pain will simply be:
sorry that i'm not sorry, because italy was well worth it; 
every last second of it.

life seems to suddenly be starting back up again at full force.
where did summer go?
is it really already over?
at least we have one last destination wedding to look forward too-
oh, and our anniversary too!
it's not quite over, and believe me- 
i'm holding out for every last second of summer i can get. 


  1. love this picture. and this sounds amazing. i know what you mean though.
    i have 1 midterm, 2 papers, and then 2 finals. then 2 weeks of a break. phew. craziness.


  2. Can't wait to see more Italy photos. I went in 2006 and have been dying to re-visit ever since! xo

  3. love this picture! can't wait to see more photos from italy!

  4. i'm dreading my summer being over and having to go back to singing, i know my voice is going to hate me for not singing all summer!

  5. ah! i want to go to venice so bad!
    and i cannot believe it is almost august already! seriously, where is the summer going?!


  6. This makes me want to go back to Venice! Your photo is beautiful.. can't wait to see more!

  7. That picture looks amazing already! Can't wait to see the others!


  8. Can't wait to see more photos! I'm sure it was an amazing trip. I would love to visit Italy.

  9. Amazing photos! Love your blog already! New follower.

  10. Ahhh! Looks soo amazing. Italy is wonderful :) Can't wait to see more!

  11. Beautiful picture!! And I'm going to hang onto Summer until the very last second too...I can't believe it's on it's way out :(

  12. venice sounds so exciting! i always find it hard to comb through photos when i get home.

    <3 katherine
    crave jewelry necklace giveaway // of corgis & cocktails

  13. so sweet.

  14. I do understand wanting a vacation from your vacation. Welcome back to the real world!


  15. What a gorgeous photograph! I'm looking forward to seeing more. Venice seems like a dream place to visit. I have never been but so want to, especially after having seen your picture!


  16. i love your picture here in Venise. So wonderful. i feel like going there someday!