Monday, July 2, 2012

meet crystal.

Hey ladies! I am Crystal!
I blog over at Coffee at Nordstrom. 
I am so happy to be guest posting here today! I am a new wife! Matthew and I got married on June 2! So while you are reading this post, I am living the dream with my husband in Bora Bora! 
My honeymoon is by far going to be my most favorite vacation, but you'll have to read about my honeymoon once I return at the end of July! But for now, I want to share with you a special trip that I was able to take with my Mom, Sister, MIL, and a couple bridesmaids!
 My Wedding Dress Shopping Trip!
I am sure you all have seen the show Say Yes to the Dress! Well, I headed to NYC with my Mom, Sister, MIL, and a couple bridesmaids to spend the day at Kleinfeld picking out my wedding dress! 
It really was a fairy tale experience!
 I cried when I met Randy. But he's used to emotional brides crying when they meet him, so it really was no big deal.
 This was the whole group of us! Completely over-joyed to see Randy Fenoli!
This is the dress! I thought I loved it when I purchased it back in August, but I love it 1000x more now that it actually fits me and it's pure white!
My Pnina Dress. Completely Obsessed.

The back might be my favorite! :)

You will have to stop by my blog to see the rest of my wedding pictures!
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Have a great day!



  1. your dress seriously is stunning!!

  2. My seven year old daughter and I love Say Yes To The Dress! And your dress is just lovely.

    Nice to meet you. Heading over to check out your blog.

    Have a great honeymoon!

  3. Wow,a real life Pnina. How exciting! It's like a fairy tale.