Monday, July 30, 2012


{source. p.s. don't you just love her!?}

five things i just can't live without:
{at least for now}

1. neutrogena sun screen. the absolute best.
doesn't clog pores, lightly scented and blocks those harmful rays.
what could be better? nothing.
2. salmon. it's my new go to dinner and lunch, for that matter.
lovebird and i have mastered a delicious way of grilling those bad boys-
 thanks to papa carlson for showing us his tricks. 
simply delicious, mouthwatering and irresistible.
3. burt's bee chapstick. {grapefruit flavor, please!}
known fact: i have a secret stash of burt's bee chapstick tucked away at all times.
i'm never without it, literally.
4. bikinis. yes, you heard me correctly.
i've been living in one all summer long; pool day after pool day. 
right now, i have to steer clear of the clearance bathing suits in target,
or else i'd be coming home with armfuls of them. 
5. longchamp bag. i'm convinced every girl needs one.
so practical, fashionable and the perfect size.
don't let it's simplicity fool you. 
one tip: given it's large open pocket, keep things organized inside. lots of little bags! 

go on, tell me something you can't live with out.
at least, for the moment. 


  1. I want to try that sunscreen now!! I love your list :)


  2. You are so right about neutrogena sun screen! Right now I can't live with my bio-oil. This is a real skin must have and I love it! Try it!
    (love your blog!)
    Lucy xoxo

  3. chocolate... i could never live without it :)

  4. Ahhh I can totally relate to the Target clearance bikinis. I can't leave that place without spending at least $50 every time. PS - I tried to reply to your comment via email but you are a 'no reply' commenter w/out email linked ;)

  5. hahahaha, target gets me, always. and i'm saying ice cream/gelato, you really have to have one or the other. love this picture just btw, cute as always.


  6. CARL! That's my old roommate/buddy Coco Rocha! She is the sweetest. I'm glad you found that picture of her. love you!

  7. I've always got the Burts Bee chapstick as well, slightly tinted. Things I can't live without right now- My Moop messenger bag, my Nikon camera (small enough to take everywhere) and my Kindle. With those three things I'm set for any road trip, doctor's office waiting room or boring day at home.

  8. Those are all fantastic necessities! This summer I haven't been able to live without my salt waters. They're the best!

  9. oh i am a total hurts bees everything fanatic! LOVE the stuff and can never get enough. their baby line is quite wonderful, too!

    xo, amanda

  10. SKIRTS!! skirts skirts skirts. Now that I don't have to wear jeans to work every day, I can't get enough of my skirts! Love 'em.

    Also, I love Neutrogena sunscreen as well. It is perfection in skin care.

  11. thats a good list!!!i add ataulfo mangoes, mojitos and my utility jacket!!!:)

  12. summer dresses are a staple for sure! your list is pretty spot on though--esp #5. gorgeous.

  13. I love Neutrogena sunscreen. I sware by it.

    I could not live without my two new pups!

    Happy day!

  14. I'm totally with you about the salmon! I just made some soy-honey-glazed salmon for dinner - so delish! And I can't live without chocolate, of course :)

    Life etc

  15. can't live without my longchamp ...or my burt's bees!