Friday, July 27, 2012


hello muscles.
the ones i haven't used in a couple months.
the ones that are screaming with soreness and exhaustion.
the ones i am suddenly discovering, almost as if i never knew they existed.

it takes me a good twenty minutes to actually roll myself out of bed.
as i do so, you should hear all the cracking and popping.
doing the good ol' wake up stretch in the morning is suddenly painful.

this is the life of a ballerina.
in fact, it's almost expected to wake up sore year round.
good thing the "out-of-shape" sore only lasts for a little while.
or at least that's what i'm hoping for.

i wouldn't trade my life of being a ballerina for anything.
however, i would trade those sore muscles of mine any day of the week.
oh, the life of a dancer.
this week i'm saying: bring it on. 

have a happy weekend.
this weekend for me includes:
a photoshoot in yosemite, while wearing a leotard and pointe shoes.
just when those tourists thought they were going to see half dome,
they just might run into some crazy ballerinas hiking and posing.
afterwards, i plan on coming straight home to sit in an ice bath. 
my muscles may then, actually thank me. 
surely, i'll post pictures. 
{instagram username: eleasejane}
follow along, and i'll follow your lovely weekend too. 


  1. Oh poor thing, I hope you'll feel better soon! I can't even imagine what it's like. But I can't wait to discover your Yosemite photoshoot!
    My body was so sore from hiking in Vietnam and I tried to hide that I was in pain because everybody else in the tour was feeling great (I was ashamed!)

  2. a photoshoot in yosemite, while wearing a leotard and pointe shoes certainly sounds interesting. i can't wait to see pictures!

    hope your muscles feel better soon! have a great weekend!

  3. Oh what a lovely lovely blog you have! LOVE it! Girlfriend, I hear ya on the ouchy muscles... this girl worked out a few days ago (it's been WAY to long) & I'm still feeln it! Have fun w/ your shoot, sounds pretty awesome! So glad to meet ya!

  4. Eeek hope the muscles get less sore! Can't wait to see some photos :)

    Life etc