Tuesday, August 21, 2012


i want....

i want a home with lots of windows one day. lovebird knows i crave light more than ever. the first thing i do when i wake up in the morning, is open all the shutters. light is beautiful, fresh and awakening.

i want to grow old with lovebird, and thank goodness i get an eternity with him.

i always want to be a busy woman. sure, a stay at home mother is ideal- but, i want to be a busy stay at home mom. a woman who has work to get done, places to go, people to see and things to do; someone who is always on the go- feeling accomplished, successful and just plain... busy. i often complain of the overly busy schedule i have now- but, as much as i hate it in the moment, i love it in the long run.

i want all things covered and dipped in chocolate. {if only that was healthy}. life seems to function better when you have a taste of chocolate here and there.

i want my home to always be cluttered; a good kind of cluttered. you know, life's trinkets, collectables, memories, and gadgets. my walls will be covered in mismatched art, the shelves will house all sorts of books and empty space will be a rare occurrence. Sure, i love the pristine white, empty, neat-and-tidy homes- but, it's not me; not my style. i was raised a duffin, as my family would say.

i want to live closer to family and friends. i miss their laughter, hugs and being around their sweet spirits.

i want lovebird to magically wake up loving animals one day. why? because i want a puppy. also, i grew up with animals, and so will our kids.... i've just got to convince him of it.

i want all things with an indian print, floral print or animal print at the moment. all in rich fall colors, please.

oh, the wants of life...

what are your's?

all these wants and yet i'm
 still beyond grateful for all that i do have. 
life is blissful.


  1. I desperately want a puppy also! My hubby so wants one too but it's our current owners (who we rent off) wont let us!! I so hope they change their minds x

  2. I love this! I would love everything covered in chocolate too!

  3. I want a puppy. And one day, I want to spend my whole summer with my love living at the beach. :) Ahh-the end of summer must be signalling that want.


  4. great post!


  5. life IS blissful.
    so grateful for what I already have. (:

    1. ps--thanks pretty lady for leaving sweet comments on my blog! Means a lot. (:


  6. What a great list of wants! My hubs and I are actually opposite of you and the puppy want.. he is dying for one and I'm happy with our 2 kitties! I know he'll break me down eventually though :) I want summer to go on forever.. I never like the transition to fall and winter.


  7. I want to be in love ♥, one day.
    I want to be much better in English.
    I want to be much organized.
    and I want a wooden house with big white veranda, or if I had to live in city I want LOFT apartment with huge, high windows.
    But mostly i want to be healthy to be able to do or have all these stuff in future.

  8. Oh there is so much I want out of life.. mainly the simple things..

    Your posts always make me smile!!



  9. wow, that quote is awesome! living close to family and friends is amazing. i hope you get your puppy, i'm not thrilled about it, but my husband is obsessed and i knew that before i married him. it's only because i love him. hopefully your husband will give in.