Tuesday, October 2, 2012

sharing my secrets.

three simple beauty tricks i swear by:
{at least lately.}

1. wash your hair with cold water.
{literally, as cold as you can stand it. pun intended.}
have you heard this one a billion times already?
if so, chances are you still aren't doing it.
why? because let's be honest- who wants to take a cold shower?
{we are spoiled with warm steamy showers and take them for granted, folks.}
but, by doing this, your hair will instantly start to shine.
i'm converted, and never going back to rinsing my hair in warm water-
even as much as i hate being covered in giant goosebumps those first five minutes. 
it's well worth it- the shine is fantastic. 

2. spray your perfume before getting dressed. 
i recently talked to a "perfume specialist" who gave me the low down.
she emphasized on how important the sense of smell is to the human;
without knowing it, one of the first ways we evaluate a person is by their scent.
we even tend to hang out with people who have a similar scent to ourself.
oh, and that list of cute boys you have hanging on your fridge...?
chances are they wear similar, if not the same, cologne. 
interesting right?
most importantly, she taught me a beauty trick-
spraying your perfume before you get dressed, helps the scent last much longer. 
so, next time: shower, moisturize and spray your perfume, immediately, all over your body.

3.ond word: aquaphor.
especially, as these fall and winter seasons arrive;
bringing with them, dry skin and chapped lips.
aquaphor is the perfect remedy- it cures all.
i'm simply in love and have been hooked for years.
i rub it on my knuckles and lips every single night, without fail. 
trick of the trade: coat your lips before applying a bright lipstick. 
allow enough time for the aquaphor to sink into your lips, then apply your lipstick.
ta-da!! your lipstick glides right on as smooth as can be,
and you don't have to worry about your lipstick 
separating in those tiny cracks of your chapped lips. 
{we all hate that. so annoying, right?}

i'm curious now, 
what's the one beauty trick you swear by at the moment?
do share- i'm already anxious to try it. 


  1. Love your way of writing, it is captivating. And of course I love the tips. For the moment, like every fall, I am suffering of short lasting washed hair, which means greasy hair that don't last more than 24 after washing and for my long and thick and dense hair it means a torture staying under hot air for half an hour ever day to get them dry. So I am counting on dry shampoo for the second day (baby powder actually - shtttt don't tell anyone).

  2. Spraying perfume before you get dressed? I always do it vice versa! But I'll definitely try it, thanks for the advice!


  3. i've never been sure if the cold water trick was true! i do that from time to time.


  4. love these tricks!! i swear by vitamin A - I put it on my face every night for even skin tone, smaller pore and anti-aging. also i only wash my hair a few times a week. sounds gross but thanks to dry shampoo after showing i don't need to!

  5. Very cute. I like to whiten my teeth. My husband thinks it's vain but let me tell you that having white teeth really makes a difference. People compliment me all of the time. :)

  6. I love that you shared these tricks. I have never heard about washing your hair in cold water and definitely need to try it. I also love aquaphor. I use it religiously during the cold winter months!

  7. i totally agree with washing your hair with cold water -- it makes it so much shinier... & i also swear by aquaphor. i literally cover my face with it in the winter when it's super dry and wake up with perfect baby skin!

  8. I've always done the perfume-over-mositurizer trick; makes the scent last SO LONG.
    RIght now, I'm swearing by tea-tree oil. I've made a mixture of water, baby wash, apple cider vinegar, and a little tea tree oil that I apply to my face with a cotton pad every night. Oil-free makeup remover and cleans away ALL dirt. Haven't even had a hormone-induced pimple in four months!

  9. My stylist always reminds me to wash my hair with cold water to keep my color in! It's cold but it makes your hair pretty! I also blast my hair with cold air from my hair dryer when I'm done drying.

  10. I will have to try the perfume trick tomorrow morning!! :) Oh and never heard of aquafor!! but must give it a try! xx

  11. my pediatrician recommended aquaphor for my baby and we love it! thanks for the tips:)

  12. Love the tips! I always do the perfume one, and it really does last a lot longer!
    xo Heather

  13. I neeeeeeeed aquaphor!!! How have I gone my whole life without it?? Love you

  14. Mm...I think the one thing I could say I'm addicted to? Sleep. I make sure to get eight hours, every night. I have some old pics from college which just look fugly because of that grey skin and those deep bags under my eyes ;)

  15. thanks for the beauty tricks hun! and I totally agree about the shine after a cold shower. But sadly I always give in to taking a nice hot shower...but maybe I'll try again...hmmm
    Also, I'm glad you stopped by my blog! I'm excited to follow you :) keep posting!


  16. Thanks for the secrets :) I already wash my hair with cold water (and actually the whole shower is cold water) and it's amazing !


  17. I too swear by the first 2 points!
    The 3rd, I swear by that too. But I have a different brand called Himalaya Herbals! :)
    Came here blog hopping and liked your blog!
    Do drop by my blog sometime.
    And do follow via GFC & FB, if you like and let me know with a comment! :)

  18. Oh I love the advice to spray perfume on your body!! I am definitely going to start do that. :)


  19. Wow, the cold water trick is really working! I never wash my hair in the shower (I hate getting shampoo in my eyes), so it's even more bearable. Thanks for sharing. :-)