Wednesday, November 7, 2012

five senses.

see:now, don't laugh- but have you seen pitch perfect?
three words: so dang funny.
we were in the mood for a movie, but nothing was calling our names-
 so we thought, why not? we went and laughed our pants off.
hear:did you hear who the big wig of our country is?
of course, you did. the entire world did. 
election time is always exciting, but this year i'm a little glad it's over.
{lot's of craziness this year. }
smell:currently induldging in all the yummy thanksgiving scents.
pumpkin, nutmeg, spice, and a little of peppermint too. 
taste:7 can soup.
 {thanks to this recipe from this cute blog.}
it's our new go-to dinner. so easy, tasty and quick!
touch: petting a puppy.
it's heaven on earth, i tell you
if life allowed it, i could pet mowgli all day long. 

my five senses of the week.
hope each of your senses are indulging in this beautiful time of year;
mine certainly are feeling spoiled. 


  1. love this poster and this post :)

  2. This was such a cute post! I've never seen a 5 senses theme, but I like it! Might need to copy-cat it as well :) Oh, and I loved Pitch Perfect as well! So dang funny.

  3. you are so cute with these posts, love them! and i'm so happy you tried the soup out! xo

  4. ohmygosh yes, pitch perfect is hilarious! i'm thinking of going see it a second time.. so good.

  5. 7 can soup!! I'm totally gonna cook it this week, sounds so good and incredibly easy. Love you