Monday, November 26, 2012

food coma.

obviously, i'm still in a food coma-
hence, the lack of blog posts this weekend.
that, and i was a little preoccupied by black friday
and getting our little home all decorated christmas.

thanksgiving was a success;
in fact, it goes down as 
our first thanksgiving- just the two of us.
aka: me behind the stove. scary, i know. 
lots of trust on lovebird's behalf. 
he claims it was the best thanksgiving feast he's partaken in-
we all know he's lying- but, it's his big heart that wins me over every time. 
i'm beyond thankful for him, that's for certain. 
 i suppose i'm thankful for his little white lies too-
anything to boost my lack of gourmet cooking skills. 

when i say black friday shopping,
i literally mean to one place:
the pet store.
pathetic? entirely.
new proud pet parents? exactly.
ashamed? not in the slightest. 
i'm not the biggest fan of black friday shopping;
i have never been one to spend my sleeping hours shopping instead.
i'm all for a good deal-
but, ginormous lines, body to body shopping and pure exhaustion,
 just aren't my cup of tea.
my hat is off to those of you who endure the craziness of it all! 

'tis the season.... to decorate. 
over here, due to nutcracker and finals- 
our home must be decorated on thanksgiving weekend 
or else it would never get done. 
so, amongst enjoying our last chunk of free time before christmas day,
we decided to pull out a little christmas cheer and scatter it about our home. 
all of course, while blasting christmas tunes and having 
at least three pine scented candles going at all time.
{i'm slightly obsessed with the scent and secretly wish it was available year round.}

i'm hoping your thanksgiving was delicious
and your weekend was eventful.
turkey day is already over, and christmas is just around the corner.
i plan on enjoying every day in between, because i simply love this time of year. 
cheers to food comas, decorating and time off.


  1. i think heading to the pet store on black friday is quite genius! wish the husband and i thought of this! :)

  2. aaawwww! what a nice husband you have! glad to hear your thanksgiving was a success!
    I would love to see some nutcracker rehearsal photos!

  3. you are so cute...good job cooking thanksgiving all on your own! STILL NEED TO SEE YOU!!!! xoxo

  4. You're beautiful! :) Love the top knot.
    And I totally hear you on the food coma.
    My food baby is out of control.

  5. Apparently "turkey trots" are the new trend for thanksgiving morning before stuffing your face with turkey and dressing, but I think the food coma is part of the tradition.
    loving your sock bun :)

  6. The pet store???? You and my husband as well. He couldn't wait to get in there!! I'm not a black friday shopper AT ALL. It's all about cyber monday for me... Happy Holidays!


  7. how cute are you in that photo! and yes a food coma indeed, i am getting one just looking at all the food in your photos

  8. Happy food coma to you and black friday pet store style is the best. Our pup was super spoiled her first xmas and it was a total hoot watching her tear through the paper and packaging.