Monday, November 5, 2012

let the crafting begin!

yes, i do realize it's only the beginning of november-
but, if i don't start christmas crafting now, 
i'll run out of time to get my house decor in order for december.
{which by the way, is right around the corner. can you believe it?}
so, here are three "to do" crafts on my list this holiday season:

first up on the list?
this little diy.
so simple, modern, inexpensive and festive right?
next up on the list?
this antrho inspired craft.
i've seen these for sell in several stores around town- 
but, how much more fun will it be to make them instead of buy them?
they are a bit trendy, but reasonably so- they're adorable!
last but not least?
this pinecone garland.
simply gather pinecones and dip in paint. that's it!
i may add a little glitter to mine- to give them a little bit of holiday cheer.

well, there you have it;
the first few holiday crafts on my list this year.
do you have any on your list already?
or am i the only weirdo who is anticipating christmas a little too much?

happy monday. 
start composing a craft list and share it with me-
i'd love to add to mine, because it's not like i have too many already. ;)


  1. I should start with my crafting too, December is just around the corner! But first I have to find some ideas, so thanks for sharing these!

  2. These are so cute! I am SO anticipating Christmas! So excited this year. And I must do some DIY decorations! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. girl, i am anticipating the whole month of december just as much. december and christmas are the best! i really would love to focus on christmas decor, but my hubby won't let me until after thanksgiving, so i'm going to be a good little wife and do just that. however, if i accidentally listen to christmas music at work he doesn't need to know that ;)


  4. I have been anticipating Christmas for longer than I can remember, you are not alone! The anthro snow globes are definitely on my Christmas diy list this year,I better get on that.Christmas time will be here before you know it!Eeep! Love your other little projects too!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I think I am going to do every single one!!!

  6. They look amazing! I love the idea of doing some crafts for the holidays, but I never prioritise it! Maybe this is the year!

  7. Oh, I love crafting! Those snow globes are just so cute! I haven't begun any holiday crafting yet. Now, you have me wanting to get started!!

  8. Your blog is soooooo cute! Love it all. I'm looking forward to all your DIYs! I hope you post them all =).

    <3Jo of

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog, your blog is equally as adorable. :)

  10. Love this blog, thanks so much for stopping by mine today! I will DEF. post my second attempt at my pinterest inspired music print. Hopefully I can complete it this coming weekend. Looking forward to following you!

  11. i really need to get on the christmas crafting early! I made a pinecone garland last year and I'm so excited to use it again!

  12. I love your little crafts! That's so fun. I'd love to do some, maybe I'll have to take inspiration from here.
    They're already playing Christmas music at work, and I'm trying not to get too excited about it yet because it's still the beginning of November! I'm definitely looking forward to it though.

  13. love all of your craft ideas!! so so fun!

    i was wondering if i could put your button on my blog? i just love your blog! xox

  14. I've been planning a pinecone garland for our dining room! And the anthro snow globes have been a must-diy for a long time they are just too cute!

  15. Wish I lived down the street so I could do these with you! Xoxo

  16. ohmygosh, no, not too early!! i bought pretty christmas lights and peppermint candies! and my christmas music is on repeat. so happy :) xo

  17. Can't wait to try some of these ideas. I love Christmas craft! I'd start in January if I could. x

  18. Can't believe Christmas is around the corner! It seems like we almost skip over Thanksgiving because Christmas decorations are in stores right after all of the Halloween candy is taken off of the shelves. Can't wait to see your finished crafts!