Tuesday, November 27, 2012

take me with you.

i feel like fall has come and 
{has almost} gone all so quickly.
the orchard's trees were completely covered in exuberant color just last week.
this week, those leaves have made a solid blanket upon earth's ground.
i'm slightly saddened that fall seemed to have passed by me.
life is busy right now.
so busy, i wonder if that's why fall seems to have escaped.
it's as though it was just yesterday, when i was saying how grateful i was
that fall had finally decided to arrive-
and now, today,  it's on it's way out;
not allowing me enough time to run through those gorgeous orchards
that so recently housed the season of fall amongst their branches.
today, i'm wishing i were a leaf-
floating, drifting and traveling.
all so unknowingly and willingly.

fall- please take me with you, where ever you may go.
just as you are so easily taking those leaves away from their branches.
since you are escaping me all too quickly,
i think i may just need to blow away with you. 
you will deeply be missed.


  1. i want to go somewhere that its fall all the time, so ill go with fall as well.
    and all of our leaves are gone, and gosh its almost christmas, which means its finals, where has time gone?


  2. beautiful post! time is really flying right! can't believe it's almost x-mas

  3. I hear ya! I feel like fall was here for a hot second and now it's all of a sudden Christmas. I didn't do nearly enough frolicking through the leaves.

  4. Fall really has escaped...please stay here a little longer!!!

  5. I just found your blog and I cannot get over how much I love it! You are so adorable!


  6. I would love to experience fall too.. We dun have that in my country :(( its always summer...

  7. Fall is my fav season and it passes too soon!

  8. beautifully written. This busy season will come to an end, even though it probably feels like it never will :) Hang in there!

  9. This is so beautifully written. And it's true, Fall is always just so beautiful, if only beautiful colorful leaves would last all year round ;)
    xo T