Wednesday, January 9, 2013

five words.

if lovebird could pick one motto/resolution/theme for me to follow for 2013,
it would be those five {bold} words above.
i have a small tendency to always think i need more or that i need to do more.
it's rare when i find myself saying the common phrase, "less is more"
why? because i'm a go getter. i tend to always do things 110%.
i am the definition of a perfectionist. 
(which is a blessing and a curse, all at the same time.)
i also have a big tendency {rather, bad habit} to always want more.
i am a wisher, a believer and a dreamer.
big time, i tell you.
so, combine: perfectionist + wisher + believer + dreamer,
and you get something that completely contradicts lovebird's motto for me. 
moral of the story:
i need and want to come to terms with the word "less".
because in all actually, sometimes less really is more.
less = simplicity.
and simplicity is the seed to a happy and successful life.
to lovebird's satisfaction, i've decided to embrace this five word motto for 2013. 
i have this gut feeling that less will only bring more.
2013, you'll be a year to rejoice in simplicity.

p.s. i'm curious: what would your five word motto be for 2013? 
start brain storming. 
ready.         set.           go.


  1. love it! mine would be:

    "take care of yourself first"

    we can make excuses as to why we don't eat healthy, why we don't have time to be active, or anything else that makes us unhappy... but the truth is, if there's a will, there's a way, and if you make "being happy" a priority, you'll be happy. it's simple, but it gets lost easily, so if it's a resolution and motto for 2013, it will become habit :)


  2. so smart. i seriously love this.
    i feel like our goals all have to deal with either something with the word of wisdom. or living healthier and becoming like christ? not really sure. love this though


  3. I've been trying to live by this too! I get so caught up in what others have & what I think I "need" and it's just silly!

  4. funny enough, my resolution is close to 5 words: trust my gut & follow my heart (because 7 is close to 5, right?) ...i love yours and think simplicity is the ultimate kind of lovely :)

  5. Oh my goodness, I love this. I need this pasted around my house. I am the same way, doing a 100 things at once and they all need to be perfect. Need to remember to slow down.

  6. Mines a bit longer than 5 Be Bold, Be Bold, everywhere be bold!!

  7. I want to work on this. I have to keep reminding myself that I have enough things and no matter what it is, more material items won't make my life any better - just more crowded. x