Friday, January 11, 2013

today is....

today is going to be lovely.
today is all about enjoying my morning off.
today is full of unknown adventures.
today is going to be spent at the ballet studio.
today is full of friendships.
today is a day i tend to eat too much chocolate.
today is the beginning to the weekend.
 today is a day for cuddles with lovebird.
today is the close to a hard week.
today is probably going to consist of a few spoonfuls of cookie butter.
today is all about embracing the little moments in life.
today is full of piles of laundry and walks with mowgli.
today is just beginning.
today is simply going to be a good day.

but, most importantly, 
today is friday.


  1. So glad it's the weekend! Just be glad you don't live here in Utah because it snowed a foot and the roads are awwwful, we are all trapped inside, which means I"ll be drinking chai all day and trying to keep warm. Love you!

  2. All I can say is TGIF! Cookie butter sounds delicious!

  3. A day at the ballet studio sounds wonderful! I hope to see you perform one day!!

  4. Amen to that, girl. Today is FRIDAY!!


  5. Hope you have all had a great day! I have had a good day and I'm down a friend... anyone wanna be bloggy pals?
    xoxo Nora

  6. what is this cookie butter everyone is talking about & where can i get some?! haha, TGIF! enjoy your weekend:) xoxo

  7. lovely post! hope you are having a great weekend

  8. and today is monday! dang! wishing it was friday! love your blog, it is seriously adorable!!

  9. i hope you had a wonderful weekend! Blagh - Mondays are no bueno.