Tuesday, April 2, 2013

greetings in april.

this isn't an april fools joke...
i really am blogging.
shocker, i know.

{source to this lovely water color that i'm obsessed with.}

goodbye march. hello april.
goodbye cadbury eggs. hello self control.
goodbye 2 inch roots. hello red hair.
goodbye unknown plans. hello summer plans.
goodbye to the last remains of winter. hello to a beautiful spring.
goodbye busy schedule. hello spring break.
goodbye 26. hello lovebird's 27th birthday.
goodbye a whole year of ballet. hello to the last month left in the season.
goodbye to being MIA from the blog. hello to i'm really going to try.
goodbye to the classic red. hello to this new favorite lip color of mine.
goodbye to the unknown. hello to a really big decision.
goodbye to this awesome book. hello to this new read.
{looking for a good, fast read? plus a thriller too? i highly recommend the first book listed.}
goodbye to shamrocks and pots of gold. hello to birthdays and april fools.
goodbye days by the fire. hello days by the pool.
goodbye tights and closed toe shoes. hello bare legs and sandals.
goodbye winter breeze. hello thunderstorms.
goodbye ugg boots. hello rain boots.
goodbye in struggling to fall asleep. hello to this heavenly helper.
goodbye to feeling settled. hello to the desperate urge of moving.
goodbye to the ordinary and plain. hello to all things patterned and unique.
goodbye to long hair. hello to i'm feeling brave again.
goodbye to the bad habit of going to bed late. hello to i need to fix that asap.
goodbye to blasting the heater. hello to cracked opened windows at night.
goodbye to the birds who migrated. hello to the birds that chirp good morning.
goodbye to empty vases. hello to my favorite flowers: tulips.
goodbye to never ending scenarios. hello to having faith.
goodbye to sugar cravings. hello to easter candy on clearance.
goodbye for now. hello again very soon.
goodbye march. hello april. 

life has been on the tad bit crazy side of things lately.
but, i am here now.
so, goodbye to neglecting my blog and
 hello to jumping back into the swing of things.
happy spring and happy april, of course.
please leave your link leading me to 
your goodbye-hello list below!


  1. girlfriend, i am serious.... these posts are sheer genius + so fun to read. We are road tripping this weekend + I am about to order The Name of the Star. Looks delightful + you have good book taste, so thank you! I need to add a few more guesses to the big news coming if that's okay! You're moving back to UT?? You're chopping the locks all the way or you're receiving $2000 in the mail because you've introduced us all to something miraculous that will help us fall asleep at night.

    Sure adore you + your blog. I have missed you. Keep blogging - I know I'm not the only one who feels this way about you!


    1. agreed! also-miss your blog miss ginger!

  2. I'm happy for April too! Love this post.

  3. love these posts so so much! couldn't agree with ginger more. love you!

  4. cute post! i love that lip color. glad to see you back again :) you shouldn't feel bad--you have a very busy life! hope you had a happy Easter!

    grace & love,

  5. you are so darling. i love this post!

    xo. m.