Wednesday, April 24, 2013

we're busy over here.

jam-packed into the next two weeks:
- rehearsals and a performance! i can't believe it's the end of the season already.
- packing.... yeah, i should probably get started.
- lovebird's birthday to celebrate. yahoo.
- cramming in as much hang out time as we can, with our dear friends.
- saying goodbyes, more like "cya laters",  to my piano students for the summer.
- clean, clean, clean. my little home is begging for it.
- spend a few days by our pool before we go brave the cold weather that still exists in utah.
- one last day trip to san francisco, just to get my fix before i leave for three months.
- possibly a pedicure. after a long season of hours in pointe shoes- i think i'm due for one.
- a quick trip to L.A. who doesn't want to visit best friends and disneyland? no brainer.
- many afternoons (if i dare brave the heat) at the dog park. mowgli's got to say goodbye to his friends too, i suppose.
- car washes and a big stock up on treats. what's a road trip without clean cars and treats galore?
- simply moments in our little home. before we leave it all behind for awhile.

i can't believe the beginning of may is just around the corner already.
slow down life. you are passing all too quickly. 
this time of year is always a busy time. but, i like it that way.
we are anxious to go home for the summer. yet, slightly sad to say goodbye to life here. 
regardless, salt lake city... here we come!

anything fun on your agenda for the end of april?
let's hear it. i'm hoping it's more excited than our to do list before we head out.


  1. wow that IS busy! hang in there and stay sane! :) i'm sure the move back home will definitely be bittersweet but it sounds like you have a lot to look forward to.

  2. wow, you are BUSY! i'm hoping and planning to do absolutely nothing for the end of april. gotta get as much pre-baby rest as i possibly can :)

  3. ah, you're moving! crazy! how fun! enjoy this time :) xoxo

  4. I cannot tell you how happy this post makes me! Call me when you can! We'll have a new babe by the first of may who will love your cuddles!

  5. So fun that you're headed home! When do you leave, I want to see you before!!!

  6. also, since you will be here, i want to see you. we move to the bay in june, sad we will miss you there.


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