Monday, September 13, 2010


note to self: don't do a big grocery run when lovebird is at school.
carrying grocery's up a flight of stairs is not fun. 
my twig arms (as he would call them) aren't strong enough.
when it comes to groceries, living on the second floor 
is the only downfall to living in our lovely home.

another note to self: never go shopping when you are hungry.
the list magically gets longer and longer. oops!

however, i picked up my favorite snacks today...
wheat tortillas. great with peanut butter, apples and honey.
honey crisp apples. california's greatest product. sorry non-residents. 
laughing cow cheese. awesome with melba crackers. yum.
luna bars. simply a delightful "power bar" for the dancer  in me.
celery sticks. 0 cal. crisp, yummy, filling. add pb&j and raisins.
honey twist pretzels. perfect combination of sweet and salty. healthy too. 

i suggest you try them all!
oh, and make sure your hubby is home to carry in the load of groceries. 

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