Monday, September 13, 2010


lovebird doesn't know it, but....

we are going to start traveling the world tomorrow.
italy is first on the list. then bulgaria.
{i want to eat gelato and be a gypsy}

we are getting a dog. puppy please.
{he wants a bulldog.... any takers?}

we are headed to san fran soon to look at something sparkly.
{one can dream, right?}

we are finding an antique bench for our balcony.
{not to mention my favorite accessory: tons of pillow.}

we are getting fat. diet starts today.
i'm not baking yummy treats, at least for a while.
{well, i suppose he already knows that} 

we are moving to new york. 
grad school, baby! cross your fingers.
{i left my heart there awhile back.}

those are all my secrets for now. 
he'll soon find out. 
but, that's a good thing- right?

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