Wednesday, October 20, 2010


i'm craving change.
but what exactly am i craving? and why?

i'm craving to color my hair. 
and cut bangs.

i'm craving to learn a language. 

and one step further, i am craving to move to 
another country. yes, far away from this one.

i'm craving a new hobbie.
sewing or becoming a chef. undecided still.

i'm craving a new look.
longing for a new fashion and style. 
completely feminine. 

i'm craving dark eyebrows and a deep lip color.
and i'm craving eyeliner. (which is so not me)

i'm craving a new addition to the family.
a puppy.  

i'm craving books.
i am changing into a read-aholic. 

i'm craving so many things.
things that i hope will spruce up the details of life.

i'm craving change.

where shall i start?


  1. You would look darling with bangs! do it! start there :) we miss you guys!

  2. Hi the blog! We got your thank you are so sweet! And get a puppy!

    Jessi (Carlson) Sellers