Monday, October 25, 2010


what a perfect weekend. 
seriously, though.

it was a down pour all weekend. 
rain rain rain
we cozied up and snuggled lots.

lovebird was sick this weekend.
so, i made delicious homemade 
chicken noodle soup. 

we visited the pumpkin patch this weekend.
not one, but two... actually.
we had to get the perfectly plump ones. 

we saw "life as we know it" this weekend.
funny and cute movie. we loved it.
not a necessarily a must see, though.

we danced in the rain this weekend.
sunday was a delightful day.
rain, church and a cozy fire.

we extended our weekend.
yep, lovebird slept in with me and missed his
first couple of classes. lucky me. 

what a perfect weekend.


  1. hey you two! I was so happy to just stumble across this blog, you guys are darling. I hope life is treating you great, you deserve the best!

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